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About Me

I am a political science PhD student at Emory University. My research examines historical power-sharing and historical political economy more broadly. Prior to my PhD, I was a research analyst at EAB where I worked to provide university presidents and boards with data on their institution's potential for mission and revenue growth.


When not reading through medieval documents or fixing error messages in my code, I enjoy diving around a volleyball court, backpacking, Egyptology, and torturing my neighbors with my piano practicing.


"Suus cuique crepitus bene olet."

Desiderius Erasmus

Recent Writings and Publications

Image by Maxim Hopman

Institutional Determinants of Emerging Market Returns and Flows

with Ralph Sonenshine

January 24, 2022

in Emerging Markets Review

This paper examines the effects of institutional factors—specifically democracy, transparency and corruption—on emerging market equity returns and flows. We find that institutional quality impacts stock market returns and flows in emerging markets where corruption, transparency, and democracy levels are below average. We also find that government-owned or controlled industries are positively impacted by a deterioration in the corruption and democracy indexes, while highly concentrated sectors, like the financial industry, are negatively impacted by improving transparency.

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